Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

January 2021

Fit Challenge

Saturday, January 9th at 11am


20830 N 25th Pl Suite 110, Phoenix, AZ 85050

How does 30 days at safe place to workout and achieve your goals sound? Better yet--for FREE + a chance to WIN prizes!

Check out our 4000+ SqFt open air HIIT gym January 9th at 11AM.

Claim your space today:


What are you doing to keep your gym safe?

We have a very large open air facility--the 4 large bay doors are open when weather permits and we have constant airflow within the gym. We have also increased sanitazation mesures done by both members and staff. Equipment is throughly cleaned between uses.

I filled out the form above, what's next?

Show up to Truhit Fitness North Phoenix on January 9th at 11AM.

What should I expect on January 9th?

There will be a short fit test and overview of our facility. Come prepared for a workout we recommend comfortable clothes and a water bottle. Plan to be here around 45-60 minutes.

Who is Eligable for the 30 days free??

NEW members or past members from 2 or more years ago.

I'm a current member, can I still participate?

Current/Active Members that participate are eligible for prizes ONLY and do not receive 30 days free.